Rollprint has a highly skilled and experienced group of engineers, scientists, and staff that share a rich history of leading the industry in innovative packaging products.

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Rollprint’s success depends upon our clients’ success. We provide our clients with a competitive advantage through value-added products, service, and support.

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A thriving organization is built by attracting and engaging a talented staff. We embrace and encourage respect, compassion, collaboration, personal growth, and diversity within the Rollprint family.

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We are committed to maintaining the highest level of integrity throughout all aspects of our business. Our interaction with others will be direct, open, and honest. We seek relationships with other organizations that embrace this approach.

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Our pursuit of excellence motivates us to advance new technologies and implement best practices throughout the organization. We seek to be the industry leader in innovation, quality, reliability, and performance.

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Rollprint seeks to exceed the highest standards for safety, working conditions, and employment practices. We believe in being a responsible leader, contributing to the well-being of our community, and practicing sustainable environmental stewardship.

Rollprint’s history dates back to October 2, 1933, when Jack Schenker formed the Schenker Printing Company.

Located at 1014 W. Fullerton Avenue in Chicago, Illinois, the primary product was sheet-fed printed paper for advertising flyers, letterheads, and other commercial printing.


Schenker Printing Company was purchased by Sydney R. Raike. Over the years, the Company added sheet-fed press capacity and expanded its product line into printing of paper packaging materials for chewing gum wrappers, boxes, overwrap, and battery labels.


Schenker Printing Company relocated to a 20,000 square foot building at 2301 W. Wabansia Avenue in Chicago, Illinois.


Rollprint’s flexographic equipment was moved and consolidated with the sheet fed printing equipment of Schenker Printing Company at the Wabansia plant. Shortly thereafter a used rotogravure printing press and a used sheeter were purchased and added to the production capabilities. At this time all four printing processes were being run at the Wabansia plant. However, in the late 50’s, the decision was made to concentrate on the printed rollstock business.


Rollprint was issued a patent for what is now known as the header pouch. This marked the entrance into medical packaging which has since become the major market for Rollprint.


Rollprint Products Corporation and Schenker Printing Company merged and changed the name to ROLLPRINT PACKAGING PRODUCTS, INC. Rollprint also entered into a joint venture with Baxter-Travenol to develop a breathable ethylene oxide sterilizable pouch for medical applications.


Rollprint began coating Tyvek®, becoming one of the first companies to offer peelable, breathable Tyvek® for sterile medical device applications.


Laminating capabilities were added.


The first large high speed 6-color central impression press was added.


Rollprint moved to a modern 118,000 square foot plant at 320 S. Stewart Avenue, Addison, Illinois.


Three new high speed, microprocessor controlled pouch making machines were added.


Rollprint purchased an additional 77,000 square foot building located across the street at 345 South Stewart Avenue. The two Stewart Avenue facilities provide a total of 195,000 square feet of manufacturing, office, and laboratory space.


Rollprint purchased UCB Medical Industries of Bloomfield, CT., from UCB S.A., Brussels, Belgium. This acquisition allowed for increased manufacturing capacity which in turn, provided greater flexibility.


A new, state-of-the-art, co-extrusion coater/laminator, allowing Rollprint to continue leading the way in flexible packaging.


A strategic partnership formed when Rollprint Packaging Products entered into a global strategic medical packaging alliance with Acme Packaging Co. (Pte) Ltd., Singapore. Acme is one of the leading southeast Asian manufacturers of both state-of-the-art flexible packaging and printed folding cartons for medical packaging applications. They have been a prominent force in the southeast Asian medical packaging market for the past twenty-five years, with 15 of those in flexible medical structures.


Rollprint Packaging Products and Acme Packaging decided to strengthen the relationship. Alliantz Flexible Packaging Pte. Ltd. was created as a joint venture between the two companies.


We expanded Alliantz facility by more than 50% and added a new state-of-the-art blown coextrusion film line.


Packaging Hall of Fame inductees included Bob Dodrill, now Rollprint’s CEO. He joined a very select group of people honored for the significant contributions made in advancing packaging.


Anticipating the needs of our customers, in 2012, Rollprint constructed and had certified a Class 8 clean room for the production of sterile medical packaging pouches. The certified clean room was expanded in 2014 to make room for new state-of-the-art pouch machine.

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