Rollprint is Committed to Developing Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Here at Rollprint, sustainability isn’t just built into our products, but part of our company culture. Through company-wide initiatives we ensure plant energy conservation, high air quality standards of plant emissions, waste reduction programs reducing our landfill disposal, materials down gauging reducing the amount of post-consumer disposal as much as 50% which helps companies meet recycling waste stream objectives.

Downgauged Structures

Rollprint’s leading-edge technology enables the creation of high-performance structures that achieve performance benefits with less material. Our proprietary manufacturing techniques enable the replacement of complex structures with fewer layers using less resin.

Solvent-Free Structures

Whenever possible, Rollprint employs its proprietary solvent-free technology to create high performance solutions. This can result in material usage reductions of up to 20% when compared to conventionally-laminated structures. Rollprint’s award-winning Triad product line is just one example of the success that can be achieved with this approach.

Recyclable Structures

Rollprint’s StreamOne® and StreamTwo® are all-polyester and all-high density structures that can be recycled in the corresponding waste stream.*

Reduced Energy Usage

Improvements to our manufacturing facility and practices have significantly reduced our energy requirements. To convert its solvent emissions to environmentally neutral compounds, Rollprint replaced its catalytic afterburners with state-of-the-art thermal oxidizers. This resulted in a 60% reduction in fuel (natural gas) usage – thermal oxidizers are self-sustaining once certain conditions are met. Converting the facility lighting from fluorescent to a higher-efficiency alternative has resulted in a 31% improvement in energy efficiency and a 76% decrease in bulb usage (positively impacting disposal rates).

User-Friendly Pouch For Dialysis Patients

Recessed, User-friendly Pouch Easy on Dialysis Patients

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