Ready to submit your artwork? Great! Please review the artwork submission guidelines below before submitting artwork. Also note that we cannot provide a proof until an order has been placed.

Having trouble with your artwork or don’t know where to start? Our artwork production team is happy to assist! Please email with any questions.

Artwork Submission Guidelines

File Preparation

Preferred file types: Adobe Illustrator or Editable PDF

Fonts: All fonts should be outlined within the file.

Supplemental Support Files: All scans, tiffs, eps, or other support files should be sent with art files. High resolution image files should be 300 pixels per inch at 100% size in CMYK mode; 1200 ppi for bitmap images. Be sure to include support or linked files.

Colors: Please specify each color when submitting artwork. White is a spot color, unless the film or laminate being printed is white.  Screens should be separated from solids for colors with significant solid coverage. Vignette percentages should range from 3% to 97%. Maximum number of colors will be determined on a case-by-case basis and will require discussion with your sales rep and our pre-press team.

Dimensions: Please specify the size (i.e. dieline, cropmarks, document setup…) Package size may need to be modified slightly to match press requirements. Die line drawings and dimensions should be placed on a separate layer.

Supplemental images: Process printing jobs need all linked images and logos to be included in the final artwork package.

Positive keylines should be a minimum of .576 pt (.008”, .2032 mm). Note that lines will become at least .002” (.0508 mm) heavier when printed with the flexographic process.

Reverse keylines should be a minimum of 1.08 pt (.015”, .381 mm). Note that reverse lines will become at least .002” (.0508 mm) thinner when printed with the flexographic process.

Positive type: Minimum size is 6 pt. for San Serif and Serif. Serifs or strokes of characters should not be below .005” (.127 mm) at the narrowest part of the character. Multiple colors in positive type should not be used.

Reverse type: Minimum size is 8 pt. bold for Serif or 6 pt. bold for San Serif. Serifs or strokes of characters should not be below .010” (.254 mm) at the narrowest part of the character.


Rollprint’s artwork team will review your art files and will generate digital and/or printed proofs. A set of proofs usually takes no more than 2 weeks to be created for your review. This time could be extended if there are any adjustments at the time of review.

Typically, digital proofs are adequate for reviewing copy and placement of flexographic printed artwork. If you would like to receive a printed proof for a flexographic job, there may be an extra charge. Process printing jobs will receive a physical printed Epson proof for approval.

Artwork Approval & Plate Production

Once you receive your artwork proof, review it carefully for copy, placement, and accuracy. If your artwork proof is correct, please return a signed copy as your approval. Approved digital proofs may be sent as a PDF, approved Epson proofs should be returned via mail. Once we receive your final approval, it typically takes 2 weeks for printing plates to be produced.


Our printing facilities include multiple printing presses and an expert team with extensive flexographic and process printing experience. Your material will be printed with state-of-the-art photopolymer printing plates. Your material is handled with the highest care during printing. Once the print run is complete, your printing plates are cleaned and stored in a controlled environment for future use.

Updating Artwork

You may revise your artwork for any future print runs. Please keep in mind, we treat revised artwork as new – you will receive a new proof. This requires additional lead time for plate production. There will be an additional charge for the production of the new plates. If your updated artwork is replacing a previous revision, the original plates and files will be destroyed in order to avoid the possibility of an error.