Rollprint Awarded Gold in Technical Innovation for AUTOBAHN™ Tear-Open Flow Wrap

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Addison, Ill.—(Septermber 21, 2017)—Rollprint Packaging Products Inc. is announcing the debut of AUTOBAHN™, an extremely fast sealing, easier opening version of traditional aluminum foil flow wrap structures currently in the marketplace. To achieve this, Rollprint uses a proprietary process harmonizing the barrier and sealant layers for maximum performance. The end result, a composite that has robust sealability, requiring minimum effort to tear open.


AUTOBAHN™ is designed to help organizations maximize efficiency in increasingly competitive markets by providing line speeds approaching 400 packages per minute while maintaining seal integrity and an easy opening mechanism. Rollprint’s objective for this product in 2018 is to partner  with clients that thrive on technology and are willing to push the perceived boundaries of speed limitations with the goal of hitting the marker of 400 packages per minute. This technology was designed for a variety of  commercial applications including, blow fill seal vials, diagnostics devices, IV over wrap and surgical devices. The Product Line Manager at a major pharmaceutical company that packages blow fill seal liquid vials said “You turn the flow wrapper on and this AUTOBAHN™ material just works”. In the end, he says “We chose Rollprint because we have multiple product changes per day, starts and stops are part of our business model. A must have for us in the selection process was a material that allows incredible forgiveness without sacrificing the flow wrappers’ maximum speed capability.”


Dwane Hahn, VP of Sales and Marketing at Rollprint, says that while the line speeds are greatly improved, hermeticity isn’t sacrificed. However, what really makes this development special, is that AUTOBAHN™ tears open easily without the added costs that normally accompanies traditional laser or mechanical scoring. AUTOBAHN™ is available with aluminum foil and ClearFoil® barrier options.

Easy open mechanism and reliable product access   Fast line speeds without sacrificing
seal integrity
  Hermetic end and fin seal interface   Scoring cost eliminated and tear location flexibility
Harmonized sealant and surface layer orientation   Low initiation temperature and excellent hot tack   High caulkability   No mechanical or laser scoring required
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