1950 - 1969

Rollprint Logo In 1954, Rollprint's flexographic equipment was moved and consolidated with the sheet fed printing equipment of Schenker Printing Company at the Wabansia plant. Shortly thereafter a used rotogravure printing press and a used sheeter were purchased and added to the production capabilities.

At this time all four printing processes were being run at the Wabansia plant. However, in the late 50's, the decision was made to concentrate on the printed rollstock business.

In 1968, Rollprint Products Corporation and Schenker Printing Company merged and changed the name to ROLLPRINT PACKAGING PRODUCTS, INC. Rollprint also began to investigate the medical packaging market and entered into a joint venture with Baxter-Travenol to develop a breathable ethylene oxide sterilizable pouch.

In 1969, Rollprint was issued a patent for what is now known as the header pouch. This marked the entrance into medical packaging which has since become the major market for Rollprint.