Oriented vs Unoriented Nylon

When choosing the best packaging for your product, it’s important to consider oriented vs unoriented nylon. With robust percent elongation, better stress flex, improved tear propagation, and puncture resistance, unoriented nylon is best for rugged applications. Improved tensile strength, modulus, abrasion resistance, cut resistance, and higher tear initiation are all qualities of oriented nylon, best for most applications.

Property Unoriented Nylon Oriented Nylon
Tensile Strength 3x higher
Percent Elongation 4x higher
Modulus 3x higher
Stress Flex better
Abrasion Resistance better
Cut Resistance better
Tear Initiation (force required) higher
Tear Propagation (force required) higher
Puncture Resistance better
Temperature Resistance

Below set point of oriented nylon

Above set point of oriented nylon

better better
tdermoforming yes no
O2TR 2x more transmission
MVTR 1.6x more transmission