ClearFoil® Structures

Rollprint Product Image For years, there was one choice for flexible packaging applications that required outstanding moisture, oxygen and/or aroma barrier properties. That choice was aluminum foil composites. However, foil composites present one major problem for many packaging applications – the inability to view the contents of the package prior to opening.

Fortunately, in the 1980s, new barrier technology emerged, providing clear film packaging options with good barrier properties. Rollprint realized the importance of this new technology and assumed a leadership role in the development and commercialization of these new clear barrier films. By 1988, Rollprint's clear barrier film technology leaped from good to superior with barrier properties approaching that of aluminum foil. As this surge in technology occurred, Rollprint's ClearFoil® trademark was born. A new line of products were launched under the ClearFoil® trade mark and the result is the most extensive array of ultra high barrier clear films in the industry. 

Rollprint's ClearFoil® product line continues to expand because it meets important industry needs for films which are sterilizable, transparent and appropriate for oxygen/moisture sensitive products. The ClearFoil® line of flexible, ultra-high barrier, transparent laminations has grown to include dozens of products which meet a wide range of our customer's requirements for barrier. Today's ClearFoil® products use numerous methods, including but not limited to SiOx and Al2O3, to achieve the barrier requirements of each individual customer in a variety of industries. 


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ClearFoil® is a registered trademark of Rollprint Packaging Products, Inc.


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