Overture® One Barrier Film

Rollprint Product Image

The clear alternative for stick pack and flow wrap packaging

Rollprint’s new Overture® One lamination is based on proprietary ClearFoil® barrier-coated polyester technology coupled with an aggressive sealant. The structure enables high speed sealing for increased production rates.

Overture® One is suitable for a wide variety of granular, powdered, liquid, solid, etc. applications which can benefit from both clarity and the absence of foil. This encompasses a broad range of food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical products. Stick pack examples include powdered drinks, liquid pharmaceuticals, pesticides, household cleaners, etc. Flow wrapped products can range from syringes to IV bag overwraps to sensitive industrial parts and electronic components.


Package content is clearly visible

Allows non-destructive visual inspection

Barrier properties equivalent to foil

Compatible with metal detection equipment

Complies with F.D.A. Food Additives Regulation

Can be printed

Cost effective

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