A major trend in packaging is the increasing demand for easy opening packages. The consumer will no longer tolerate a package that requires the use of brute force to open. Rollprint has responded to this by pioneering peelable, easy opening packages. Rollprint understands that the use of easy opening packages will continue to rise rapidly, due to increasing levels of consumer demand.

Over the years, Rollprint has developed hundreds of peelable composites using both coatings and coextruded film technology. In 1998, Rollprint introduced a third technology to its arsenal of peelable films: extrusion coating. Rollprint’s state-of-the-art coextrusion coating/laminating equipment has allowed Rollprint to revolutionize the way peelable films are made. Through our Allegro® and PropaPeel® product lines, Rollprint can provide coextrusion-coated peelable sealants produced from polyethylene, polypropylene and polyester resins. These sealants offer a new approach for many package designs because of their unique combination of superior functional characteristics and economics.

The Rollprint team has the ability to design a peelable package for your packaging application. We will focus on your specific needs such as peel strength and the peel aesthetics that you require. Rollprint has the peelable solution for virtually any application.


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