You probably never expected to find a converter that could meet your needs for pre-made pouches in addition to your other packaging materials. Rollprint's pouch producing capabilities will go beyond your expectations.

In our enviromentally controlled pouch room, we produce pouches from virtually all known raw materials. Our pouch department is staffed twenty-four hours per day, and our computer controlled pouch machines allow for quick changeover between production runs. These features help our pouch department increase versatility and reduce lead times.

Rollprint produces peelable chevron pouches for ETO, Gamma, E-beam and Autoclave sterilization. Our tamper evident seal technology is renowned in the medical industry as the most versatile and reliable. We also produce film and foil pouches with a space saving corner peel feature.

If your pouch needs a tear open feature, Rollprint will be happy to accommodate your request. Tear open pouches can be produced from any of our laminations. Virtually any size and configuration is a possiblilty.


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