Recyclable Peelable Polyester Lidding


Rollprint’s StreamOne™ was designed to help
companies meet their sustainability objectives.
StreamOne™ seals and peels beautifully from APET,
CPET, and PETG trays and, just like the trays, can be
recycled in the “number one” polyester waste
stream. The lidding can allow downgauging as much
as 50% compared to traditional lidding providing
additional reductions in waste. For high barrier
applications, Rollprint’s ClearFoil® transparent high
barrier films can be incorporated into StreamOne™


- Recyclable in PET waste stream

- Uses 50% less material than standard lidding options

- Seals to APET, CPET, and PETG

- Peels smoothly from tray without leaving an undesirable residue

- Wide sealing window

- Bright white seal indicator on lidding after peel

- Excellent thermal stability

- Dual ovenable

- Compatible with radiation sterilization

- High barrier options available

- Complies with F.D.A. Food Additives Regulations

- Can be printed


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