The most widely used packaging product for medical instruments is Tyvek®. Rollprint is proud to offer Asuron™, 2FS, 1059B and 1073B Tyvek®.

Tyvek® is a very important part of the medical packaging industry. It remains one of the most consistent products on the market in terms of quality and availability. It can be used as lidding on form, fill and seal equipment. In addition, it can be die cut into lids for rigid trays or used to produce chevron pouches. Tyvek® also offers an excellent surface for flexographic printing. Finally, Tyvek® is compatible with a broad range of sterilization methods, including ETO, gamma and steam sterilization.

Rollprint offers Tyvek® coatings for virtually every packaging application. Our coating technology allows customers to choose the exact seal strength they need for the specific rigid tray material they want to use.

Rollprint also offers partner webs that will seal and peel from uncoated Tyvek®. Our Allegro® T sealant technology provides the look and feel of a seal to a coated Tyvek® product without the expense.

Our pouch room is always busy converting Tyvek® products. We incorporate Asuron™, 2FS, 1059B and 1073B in our chevron pouches, header pouches and EZ vent pouches. Please see the pouch section on our web site for additional information about Rollprint's pouch making capabilities.

Standard Emulsion-Based Coatings

Standard Film Sealants for uncoated Tyvek®


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Tyvek® is a registered trademark of DuPont
Allegro® is a registered trademark of Rollprint Packaging Products, Inc.
Asuron™ is a trademark of Dupont


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