Selecting materials, trouble-shooting packaging challenges, and optimizing performance require a thorough understanding of materials, testing and the associated manufacturing processes.

RPP University blends thought-provoking technical forums with hands-on activities to create a lasting learning experience. Programs can be tailored to meet your particular needs and interests. Led by engaging technical experts with a wealth of experience and knowledge RPP University provides a unique opportunity to get your questions answered.

Knowledge Central

Rollprint’s technical expertise in unsurpassed. Our technical experts have summarized information on a variety of topics. If your questions aren’t answered here, please contact us.

Technical Forums

Rollprint Packaging Products, Inc. is very proud to present our series of technical forums to assist in the educational process of our industry.

Rollprint has a long history of developing and manufacturing many of the medical packaging industry’s technical breakthroughs in flexible packaging. Based on these experiences and the combined knowledge of our multi-award winning technical staff, each forum is uniquely designed to present the information you will need to know about each of the specific topics.

Rollprint offers half-day and full-day training seminars, at either your facility or ours, designed to provide an overview of various topics of interest to packaging, product development, and manufacturing engineers, and others associated with the procurement or deployment of flexible packaging materials. Choose only those segments of interest to your organization.

The technical forums typically take place in our Addison, IL facilities. This allows us to include a tour of our manufacturing and laboratory equipment for a hands-on experience. We can also bring the technical forums to your facility. Whichever approach you choose, the discussions are designed to be engaging, interesting, and create a lasting learning experience. Please contact your Account Manager for further information.

Technical Forum Topics

Overview of Plastics

This 30 minute module provides a high-level overview of plastics and discusses some of their basic properties.

Plastic Processing and Converting

This 30-40 minute module introduces the processes used to make monolayer and coextruded films, as well as lamination and coating processes.

Requirements for Package Design

This 30 minute module walks through the main design input considerations in flexible package design, such as barrier, optical, and sterilization requirements.

Material Selection in Flexible Packaging

This 75-90 minute module describes material options for typical layers in a flexible packaging structure, including skin, bulk, sealant, and…

Design Validation

This 30 minute presentation provides basic considerations for conducting IQ/OQ/PQ validations for medical device pouches.

Accelerated Aging and Climatic Stressing

This 20-30 minute module presents an overview of relevant ASTM guidance documents related to selection of appropriate aging conditions.

Medical Packaging Sterilization

This 45-60 minute segment provides an overview of sterilization methods commonly used in medical device flexible packaging.

Package Integrity Testing

This 30 minute module provides a review of common package integrity tests, and references the relevant ASTM test methods.

Package Production (FFS, Flow Wrappers, Pouching)

This 30 minute module reviews common package and pouch formation machinery, such as thermoforming and form-fill-seal.

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Recessed, User-friendly Pouch Easy on Dialysis Patients

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